Read outside temperature with Ubuntu part 1

I was wondering how low or high is going temperature in my cabinet and decided to buy a module for measuring temperature over USB. I ordered this module from eBay and plugged it into my home Ubuntu server.

The server detected a new device (dmesg):

[421796.525432] input: RDing TEMPerV1.4 as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/usb4/4-5/4-5:1.0/0003:0C45:7401.0005/input/input5

First update and install next packages:

apt update
apt install python-usb python-setuptools git screen

Next download and unpack the temper-python package from Github:


Just in case I downloaded the package to my server. Continue with installing the Python module:

cd temper-python-master
sudo python install

When we are done we can read the temperature from a module:

sudo temper-poll

I get these results:

Found 1 devices
Device #0: 22.6°C 72.6°F

But I plan to read the temperature and save the output in some files, so I can see what was the temperature in the past. Continue in part 2.